In this section you will customize your page layouts. For more info on editing Salesforce page layouts, check here.

Note: page layouts are assigned by Profile so you may need to lookup the layout used by the profile of your FastCall users. Page Layouts

Activity History related list

FastCall logs calls as Tasks. In order to view the list of calls, you can add the Activity History related list to the page layout of any standard or custom object that supports Activities. Click on the “wrench” icon on the related list to customize the columns shown.

Call Score

The FastCall custom object “Call Score” is available for Leads, Accounts and Contacts; and you can add the Call Score related list to your page layouts. Click on the wrench icon to customize the fields shown on the related list. Add the FastCall fields that you want to view. You might want

  • Call Count
  • Call Score
  • Total and Average Call Duration
  • Days From Creation To First Call
  • Days Since First And Last Call
  • Days Since Last Presentation
    Click OK and Save.

    Call Score on the page layout

    Task Page Layout

    You probably want to add (some of the) FastCall custom fields to your Task page layout. The FastCall widget will update both native and custom fields. Add the fields that will be used by your team. Included in the FastCall AppExchange package, is a Task page layout that you can use as reference.

    Task page layout

    Adding Task fields to the widget

    Any Task picklist field (native or custom) in the Tack object, can be added to the FastCall widget. You add these fields in FastCall Settings > Call Logging > Tasks > Fields.