In the previous steps you added FastCall to your Salesforce sidebar (via Open CTI). In this section you will customize your page layouts. FastCall will log a Task on any Salesforce record with a phone number. You can edit the Task Related List to show FastCall fields and you can also add our Call Score related list to the Page Layout. For more info on editing Salesforce page layouts, check here.

  1. Go to Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Page Layouts. Click on Edit for the layout you want to modify. You can also use Edit Layout on the Salesforce record. Note page layouts are assigned by Profile so you may need to lookup the layout used by the profile of your FastCall users. Salesforce Edit Page Options
  2. Select Related Lists from the toolbox at the top of the page then drag Call Score on the page layout. Click on the wrench icon to customize the fields shown on the related list. Add the FastCall fields that you want to view. You might want call count, call score, total and average call duration; days from creation to first call; days from first and last call; days from last presentation. Click OK and Save. Learn more. FastCall Call Score and Salesforce Task Related List
  3. Repeat this same procedure for Contact & Account layouts.
  4. Last, you want to add FastCall custom fields to your Task page layout. The FastCall widget will give you both native and custom fields. Add the fields that will be used by your team. FastCall Creates Salesforce Task
  5. BONUS: Any Salesforce picklist on task – native or custom – can be added to the FastCall widget. You add these fields under Call Logging then Task Picklist.