In order to dial and control your phone calls, you will connect Twilio to FastCall (via Oauth.) Twilio is a web service used by FastCall to enable dialing and phone call control. Connecting Twilio allows you to dial either with your existing phone (click-to-call); or using our softphone (calling using only your browser and a headset.) Twilio is also required for inbound call routing. Your Twilio settings are managed entirely in FastCall. PLEASE COMPLETE THESE STEPS IN ORDER.

  1. Login or Signup with Twilio directly on the Twilio web site. You need to be logged into Twilio in your browser to go to the next step.
  2. Back in FastCall, under admin settings, then VoIP, Connect with the Twilio account you just created (or logged into.) Click the button to Connect with Twilio. You do not want to create a new Twilio account this way; it is important that you are logged into Twilio first.
  3. NOTE: Once connected, you will see your connected account SID in FastCall – this is the account that is associated with FastCall within Twilio. You will also see your parent Twilio account ID. FastCall has no access to the parent Twilio account. We just show the ID.
  4. Note: If you’re dialing to/from phone numbers outside of the US or Canada, you will need to enable international dialing on your Twilio account. See here for more info on international dialing.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 6.19.30 PM


Your phone setup must happen in FastCall. Any existing phone numbers in Twilio are not carried over to the connected FastCall application. You may port existing phones numbers to Twilio. You will need to ask Twilio to move these numbers to the FastCall connected account; not your parent Twilio account. If adding new numbers, the phone numbers must be provisioned by FastCall to use the number in FastCall.