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Call Score

Fastcall generates a score for Lead, Contact & Account records based on the user’s call history.

  1. The scoring process runs every one hour, and generates Call Score records based on the call history. You can then see the score on the detail page of the Lead, Contact or Account. For instructions on adding the Call Score related list to a Page Layout, check hereScreen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.25.16 PM

Call Score includes the following fields:

  • Call count (to date)
  • Calls this month
  • Calls last 30 days
  • Calls last 12 months
  • Calls this year
  • Total call duration (to date)
  • Average call duration (to date)
  • Days from creation to first call
  • Minutes from creation to first call
  • First call date
  • Days since first call
  • Last presentation date (call over 3 mins)
  • Days since last presentation
  • Days since last call
  • Last call date