For your initial testing, or setting up FastCall as a call logger only, setup will take 10-15 minutes. Easy!

  1. In FastCall under the User panel look for the button to add users. We will search your org for users. If the users should be a FastCall admin, select the option.
  2. FastCall adds our Call Center file to the user record; the FastCall Permission Set and we give the user a FastCall license.
  3. In a production org (but not in a sbox) we assign licenses to the Salesforce users who will need access to FastCall. The installing Salesforce admin is given a licenses by default.
    At this point you can test the base call logger. To connect Twilio, see the steps below.
  4. After the initial installation of our paid application, additional licenses can be purchased underMyAccount in the Salesforce AppExchange.


FastCall User Panel