Support is linked in the Fastcall application, under Settings the last option in the left column is support. And support in linked in the widget.

We ask that current Fastcall subscribers submit cases via the in-app support form.

  • Fastcall is 100% in Salesforce.
  • We do not see the names of your users or application settings. By design.
  • Our in-app support opens a case in our Salesforce org so that we can better track your issue.
  • The in-app support form also sends your application settings which we do not otherwise see.
  • Fastcall is a Salesforce native application. Settings are in your Salesforce org only.

We have common support tips under help at the top of the page.
Note: We may ask to access your org via standard Salesforce support.

Once we receive the case via support we can quickly begin to help.

If you are not a current subscriber and have a question for Fastcall support, please use the sales form here.


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