What Are Leads in Salesforce? A Beginners Guide

Did you know that nearly half of all sales teams listed the quantity and quality of new leads as their most pressing problem in terms of growth and sales? Unfortunately finding new leads is only half the battle. Quality leads are also a very important part of this equation and can’t be ignored.  For many… Read more »

How Is Our Salesforce Connected App Different From the Rest?

Fastcall’s Salesforce connected app logs and records customer interactions via phone SMS, and video. Discover why Fastcall is the best fit for you, here. How Is the Fastcall Salesforce Connected App Different? Fastcall is a fantastic add-on to Salesforce. Our app saves hours in lost productivity by logging every call with no data loss. Call… Read more »

How Salesforce and Fastcall Help Higher Education Be More Productive

Schools, universities and other educational institutions have one challenge in common. They need to constantly communicate with their students and often the parents as well. Software for Communicating with Students and Parents Obviously, the students and their parents are different generations; and guess what, that means they have different communication styles, prefer different communication channels… Read more »

What Is a Softphone in Salesforce?

In 2018, 61% of businesses asked were switching from traditional phones to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.  That’s right — over half of surveyed businesses were abandoning traditional phone lines for purely internet-based telephony services. In the last few years, softphone services have made VoIP technology even more flexible and accessible. This is particularly… Read more »

Benefits of Integrating Your Phone System with Salesforce

Did you know that Salesforce has around 150,000 customers across the world? Salesforce is the world’s leading enterprise CRM platform. It offers a comprehensive suite of CRM software that allows businesses to manage their customer lifecycle all in one place. While Salesforce is often known as a CRM software, it also has other business applications… Read more »

Improving Customer Service with Salesforce Call Recording

Good customer service is critical for any business. In fact, if a business offers great customer service, 93% of customers say they are likely to make a repeat purchase. Since many businesses use calls as the main mode of customer service, it’s critical to make sure this path meets your customers’ needs.  One way to… Read more »

Talkdesk Review & Alternatives

What is Talkdesk? Talkdesk offers a contact center solution for large businesses looking for an all-in-one communication platform. Talkdesk focuses on helping contact centers provide a top-notch, innovative communication system that benefits all teams.  Talkdesk includes call tracking, multichannel integration, and CRM software integration. They do not exclusively focus on Salesforce.   Why Talkdesk? Individuals… Read more »

Work from anywhere done right

Reposted from customerTHINK Work from Anywhere needs the right culture and the right tools The pandemic has taught us through the past year that it becomes urgent for businesses to adequately deal with the need for new working models that help employees to become as productive when working from any place as when working from… Read more »