Fastcall Version 3.30

FastCall Version 3.30 will be released this week – aiming for September 17. In our 3.2 update we hinted at IVR and SMS. These are both big additions that we started on in this cycle. Today, FastCall allows a phone number to be assigned to a user or a Salesforce group. The group setting distributes… Read more »

Fastcall Version 3.20

FastCall is super excited as Dreamforce gets closer. #DF16 Our huge Salesforce Lighting Design update was named Version 3.0 And while 3.0 was the first package in this complete refactor, we are releasing incremental updates working up to Dreamforce. Version 3.20 is now in the AppExchange Multiple contacts can be associated when calling an Account.… Read more »

Fastcall Version 3.10

FastCall Version 3.1 is packed with even more awesome updates adding the to big huge 3.0 release. Widget now has real time notification showing Starting / Connecting / Connected; with color changes at each stage Twilio section now accepts an address for international phone number provisioning Call subject is now significantly improved; append call result,… Read more »

Fastcall Version 3.00

FastCall Version 3.0 is now live in the AppExchange. The package is a complete refactoring of our application using Salesforce Lightning UI and components. We started pushing smaller updates starting with Version 2.92. See below for each increment.

Fastcall Version 2.99

FastCall recently announced Version 3.0, a complete refactoring of our application using Salesforce Lightning UI and components. We have been incrementally pushing updates; starting with Version 2.92. The most recent is Version 2.99. 3.0 will be the official release along with a new logo and new website. Added call transfer and listen-in to inbound calls… Read more »

Preview: Fastcall Version 3.0 – Salesforce Lightning UI

Significant improvements in FastCall version 3.0 Complete refactor using Salesforce Lightning Design New panel for recorded messages (voicemail, IVR, greetings) Phone number management is improved More messages and better admin for voicemail drop Improved inbound contact lookup Adding and managing users is much easier Voice greeting for ACD Voicemail drop w/o a conference call Performance… Read more »

Coming this summer: Fastcall Version 3.0

If you have been following Salesforce since Dreamforce ’15 – as we have – then we’ve both caught a bolt of lightning; Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce began introducing Lightning with Salesforce1, the mobile app introduced at #DF14. The Lightning Design System is also behind the new Lightning Experience in Salesforce and will be used by partners,… Read more »