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Close More Sales; Be The First To Contact Prospects With Phone Automation

Research shows that most prospects buy from the first company to get in touch with them. Callme helps YOU become this company. Improves your web-to-lead form by enabling leads to get a quick and automatic callback from sales reps.

Callme – the first and only app of its kind in Salesforce – is powered by Fastcall, the #1 native Salesforce phone, video and SMS system (available for download in the AppExchange). Anyone using Salesforce’s web-to-lead forms can use Callme!

Callme can be used with any phone application and is not dependent on OpenCTI.

  • Give your sales team a FREE way to increase conversions by talking to leads while they are still in a buyer’s mindset.
  • Increase your conversion rate by turbo-charging your Salesforce web-to-lead form with Callme’s three primary features:
  • PHONE AUTOMATION: Phone sales reps are immediately and automatically connected to hot leads who have just completed a web-to-lead form
  • REAL-TIME CALLBACK ESTIMATES: Customers can see real-time phone hold times right on a company’s website*
  • LEAD MANAGEMENT: No-connect leads are automatically and periodically called back by the app*

    Callme is installed from the Salesforce AppExchange
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