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With the rise of work-from-home models and increased e-commerce strategies, sales dialer software is more critical than ever to connect companies to their customers. 

Businesses adopt cloud software for its 27% savings and a 35% decrease in downtime with automatic sales dialer software strategies. 

With thousands of phone numbers for customers, dialing by hand is a major time and productivity loss for businesses. That’s why sales outbound dialer software is essential for companies that want to supplement their sales teams’ strategies, improve lead generation, and enhance productivity and performance. 

Check out the best sales dialer software below. You might find a way to improve efficiency in your business. 

What is Sales Dialer Software?

A sales dialer software automates the process of dialing phone numbers for leads, customers, and other important contacts in the company’s CRM. The software automatically dials numbers for sales teams, automating and improving the process for lead generation.

Why use a sales dialer?

Sales dialers are a time and money saver for many unique businesses and offer a wide range of features like call queues and CRM integration. The bottom line is that sales dialers improve your average sales call efficiency. 

Some specific value-adds include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Process automation
  • Time savings
  • Enhanced lead generation
  • Data analysis and strategy improvement from call monitoring

How many types of dialers are there?

There are three different types of sales dialers:

Click to Dial Software dials numbers automatically from a CRM such as Salesforce. These calls are often placed using an internet connection without the need for any phone lines.  

Power Dialing Software dials one number at a time in consecutive order. Also referred to as list dialing.

Predictive Dialing Software uses an algorithm to dial multiple sales call phone numbers simultaneously. These are usually referred to as robocalls.

10 Best Sales Dialer Software

If sales dialer software intrigues you, check out these ten platforms below. We’ve reviewed each one to give you a summary and their key features.  


Best sales dialer software - Fastcall logo.

Fastcall is a cloud-based sales dialer and phone service specially designed for businesses that use Salesforce. They offer click-to-dial, list dialing, and real-time messaging to improve productivity and generate sales quickly.

Best for: Everyone!

Key features:

  • Customer recognition and call logging
  • Dial-by-list
  • Click-to-dial
  • Custom dashboards
  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Outbound calls with voicemail drop
  • Call routing and recording conversations
  • Call transfer
  • SMS
  • Phone and SMS support in the Salesforce Mobile app
Best sales dialer software - Fastcall services.


  • Custom features and dashboards to fit your business’ needs
  • #1 Salesforce Native App for Phone, SMS, and Video
  • Customer recognition 
  • Worldwide calling and omnichannel support
  • Concurrent calls
  • Call recording and live listening

Cons: None!


Essential: $24/user/month 

Pro: $49/user/month 

Custom pricing available.

Best sales dialer software - Fastcall pricing.

HubSpot Call Tracker

Best sales dialer software - Hubspot logo.

HubSpot is an award-winning CRM provider offering separate hubs for marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. Hubspot offers free auto dialer software for anyone already using their CRM platform, making it a great bonus for companies that use HubSpot already. 

Best for: Companies that use HubSpot CRM

Key features:

  • Call queueing
  • Call recording
  • Call tracking
Best sales dialer software - Hubspot services.

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Limited features, no Salesforce managed package

Price: $45/month and up

Best sales dialer software - Hubspot pricing.

Sales Dialers

Best sales dialer software - Sales Dialer logo.

Sales Dialers is a telephony service and a consultant for other telephony service providers. Partnered with Voiptime Cloud, they deliver auto dialer software with cloud-based technology. 

Best for: Companies with a relatively basic call strategy

Key features:

  • Call recording
  • Web-to-lead API
  • Simple call dialer
  • Smart call routing
Best sales dialer software - Sales Dialer services.

Pros: Reliable with 99.98% uptime and user-friendly

Cons: Limited custom packages, no Salesforce package

Price: $21/user/month 

Best sales dialer software - Sales Dialer pricing.


Best sales dialer software - Inside Sales logo.

InsideSales offers a Predictive Power dialer with fully customizable pricing packages to meet the unique needs of their clients. Users love the user-friendly experience it provides. 

Best for: Companies with unique needs that require flexible customization

Key features:

  • A/B testing
  • Lead generation
  • High conversion rates
  • Click-to-dial
  • Power dialer
  • Predictive dialer
Best sales dialer software - Inside Sales services.

Pros: User-friendly experience once set up, customizable packages

Cons: Some reviewers report slow integration with Salesforce and a complicated set-up process

Price: Custom packages tailored for each client

Best sales dialer software - Inside Sales pricing.

Kixie Powercall

Best sales dialer software - Kixie logo.

Kixie Powercall is a Chrome extension that works on various operating systems such as Mac, Chromebook, and Windows desktops and laptops. The tool uses AI local presence to increase connections by 500% and click-to-call.

Best for: Companies that use Google Chrome

Key features:

  • Click-to-call
  • Salesforce integration
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Alerts for missed calls
  • New lead generation
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Call queues
  • Call logging
  • Text templates
  • Call recording
  • Autodialer

Pros: Free trial, easy automation, and responsive support team

Cons: Only a few reviews on Salesforce AppExchange

Best sales dialer software - Kixie services.


Integrated: $29/user/month

Professional: $55/user/month

Enterprise: Custom packages available

Best sales dialer software - Kixie pricing.


Best sales dialer software - Justcall logo.

Just Call is a cloud phone system with sales dialer software and automated call logging. Customers love its workflow automation features and strong customer support team.

Best for: Big teams with many competing projects and goals

  • Advanced integration
  • Call tracking and monitoring
  • Call recording and call forwarding

Pros: Strong support team and Salesforce integration

Cons: Autodialer only available with the premium version; no Salesforce package

Best sales dialer software - Justcall services.


Standard: $25/user/month

Premium: $50/user/month

Enterprise: Custom packages available

Best sales dialer software - Justcall pricing.


Best sales dialer software - Dialpad logo.

Founded by VoIP expert Craig Walker, DialPad serves over 70,000 customers with an all-in-one business communications platform. 

Best for: Companies that desire easy, automated workflows

Key features

  • Call monitoring
  • Salesforce integration
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Keyword tracking
  • Call transfer
Best sales dialer software - Dialpad services.

Pros: 100% uptime, free trial

Cons: Customer reviews cite poor tech support and connectivity issues


Standard: $15/user/month

Pro: $25/user/month

Enterprise: Custom packages available

Best sales dialer software - Dialpad pricing.


Best sales dialer software - Aircall logo.

Initially established in Paris, AirCall is a cloud-based phone system with 10,000 users worldwide. Customers especially love its wide range of 80+ integrations, including its Salesforce integration. 

Best for: Companies that require multiple integrations

Key features:

  • 80+ integrations, including CRM integration
  • Power dialer software
  • Call recording and call monitoring
  • Advanced analytics
  • Click-to-dial
  • Unlimited US and Canada calling
Best sales dialer software - Aircall services.

Pros: Free trial, extremely user-friendly platform, and easy installation

Cons: Limited for image sharing; not dedicated to Salesforce


Essentials: $30/user/month

Professional: $50/user/month

Custom: Contact for custom pricing

Best sales dialer software - Aircall pricing.


Best sales dialer software - Ozonetel logo.

Many large companies like Zomato and Uber use Ozonotel’s auto dialer software across 160 countries. Users love the company’s dedicated account manager for every client. 

Best for: Companies that require consistent customization capabilities

Key features:

  • Enterprise-grade security of data
  • Preview dialers
  • Power dialer software
  • Predictive dialing
  • CRM integrated
  • Easily trackable calling to help manage remote and distributed teams
  • Call scheduling and process automation
  • Performance tracking
Best sales dialer software - Ozonetel services.

Pros: Easy to maintain with competitive pricing and comprehensive dashboard

Cons: Some reviewers cite issues with getting ahold of tech support; no Salesforce package


Starter: $25/user/month

Standard $45/user/month

Premium $55/user/month

Best sales dialer software - Ozonetel pricing.

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Sales dialer tools help companies save both time and money. If you’re looking to upgrade your sales process and jumpstart your lead generation with auto dialer software, contact Fastcall’s sales teams today!

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