Fastcall Inbound Call / SMS Lookup

When an inbound call or SMS is received Fastcall creates the lookup if we find one Salesforce record with a matching phone number. If the phone number exists on more than one record – or say an Account and Contact – the user users must create the match. The lookup relationship is saved to a lookup table in Fastcall. This lookup table is managed completely in your Salesforce org. Fastcall supports one lookup per number. You can associate with a Lead, Contact, an Account or a custom object.

If 543-456-7890 calls. We have no way to know if this is record1, or record2 or record3 dialing on the other end? How could we? We just see the caller ID (unless it is blocked.)

If all Contacts from an Account call with the same caller ID associate the lookup to the Account.

Example: “Starbucks”

Again, the user must do this. Fastcall will not know the number belongs to a Lead or Account. Users can change the lookup if it is wrong. And you can create a “holder lead” if you need to identify the number.

Example: Create a lead named Skype and all Skype calls will show that it is Skype.

We also do not iterate over the lookup table. So, for example, Joe receives a call and creates a lookup to a lead named Betty. The call comes in again and is answered by Steve who edits the look up to a contact Rodger. We do not go back to the Betty lead and edit the relationship between the call and the record. We do update the lookup table but not the relationship between the prior task and the record. For the prior call if Joe said the call was from Betty then that task will continue to hold a look up to Betty. If you needed the prior call task to have a new look up relationship it would have to be done by hand.

NOTE: We do not limit the lookup capability to admins – or block end users. End users can set these lookups and our application will not block this. So if the lookup is wrong, it needs to be edited on your end.

You will want to train your end users on how to manage the lookups. This is the same data hygiene you would practice in all areas of Salesforce.