Fastcall Vs Salesforce Lightning Dialer: Which Native Salesforce Dialer Is Right For You?

Your company has made the smart choice to invest in Salesforce. Check. Now it is ready to make another smart choice – the implementation of a dialer. Gone are the days where a sales team has to waste time with the tedious job of manually logging inbound and outbound calls. A native Salesforce dialer tracks all of your sales conversations for you, freeing you up to do what you do best – sell. (Click to read our previous posts on all the ways a dialer can increase sales productivity or why a native Salesforce dialer is best).

Not All Salesforce Dialers Are Equal

But not all native Salesforce dialers are created equal. We’re going to walk through some of the key differences between the two leading native Salesforce dialers – Fastcall and Salesforce’s own dialer, the aptly named Salesforce Dialer. If you’d like a handy chart that lays it all out, you can skip down the bottom and get a complete side by side features comparison. Otherwise, let’s dig into a few key differences.

SMS Capabilities

Research shows that 90% of leads prefer to be texted instead of called and when conducting business, SMS response rates are 295% higher than phone calls. Fastcall empowers your sales team to not only send SMS texts to individual leads and groups but also allows you to set up SMS automation flows. Salesforce Dialer does not currently support any SMS capabilities.

Place Calls On Hold

It seems so simple, but it’s important for a business to be able to place a customer on hold. Imagine a customer overhearing an internal conversation where a salesperson is asking a co-worker or manager for input. It’s a quick way for a company to appear unprofessional and potentially lose a sale. Fastcall allows an employee to put a call on hold, while the Salesforce Dialer does not.

Voicemail Transcription

Save time and multi-task with Fastcall’s voicemail transcription functionality, a feature that is not currently enabled on Salesforce Dialer. Let’s say one of your salespeople is on the phone with a customer when another customer calls back and leaves a voicemail. Voicemail transcription enables this salesperson to be alerted to this voicemail via email and to read a transcription of the message left, all without having to disengage with the current customer. As soon as the salesperson gets off the phone, they can immediately call back the second customer completely informed and ready to sell without any time being lost.

Worldwide Access

With the rise of technology, the world is getting smaller and the number of potential customers is getting larger. Fastcall allows a salesperson to not only dial internationally but to also have the appearance of an international phone number on caller ID. Salesforce doesn’t support this kind of global sales functionality.

Here’s a complete side-by-side comparison of Fastcall vs. Salesforce Dialer:

FastcallSalesforce Dialer

Powered by Twilio

Voicemail drop with multiple recorded messages options per user
Basic inbound call routingYESYES
Dial by list within Salesforce LightningYESYES
Inbound and outbound call recordingYESYES
BeLocal caller IDYESYES
Softphone supportYESYES
Automated call logging to opportunities and casesYESYES
Listen-in to in-progress callsYESYES
Missed call notificationsYESYES
Use multiple numbers as caller IDYESNO
Voicemail drop with messages shared to GroupsYESNO
Advanced inbound call routing, including simulring, overflow, menus/directories, time of day routing, routing to lead owner, and moreYESNO
Dial by list in Salesforce Classic and ConsoleYESNO
Inbound and outbound call recording with granular options for admins and usersYESNO
Worldwide outbound dialingWorldwide phone number availabilityYESNO
Unlimited inbound voicemail
Voicemail transcriptionYESNO
Support for SIP or hardphone
Call logging to multiple contactsYESNO
Transfer calls to other Fastcall users, Salesforce users, or to GroupsYESNO
Listen-in to calls in progress with whisper/mute featureYESNO
SMS for users, groups, and bulk
SMS automationYESNO
Separate dialer dashboard
Internal dialerYESNO
Measure rep call goals and stats in real-timeYESNO
Place calls on holdYESNO
No annual contractYESNO