In the FastCall Phone Number Tab (under FastCall Admin settings) we give you four subtabs for phone numbers:

  1. Caller ID
  2. User Phones
  3. Inbound Phones
  4. Inbound Call Distribution


1) Caller ID can be shared across all users (we call this the org default.) Phone numbers can also be verified for individual users. The “org default” caller ID is set by the admin under the admin tab and the admin can also set user caller IDs. Or the user can verify her own caller ID in the FastCall User Settings tab.

Twilio requires that at least one number be a verified caller ID – or that the caller ID be a Twilio phone number. It can be one or the other. If you use your own number as caller ID – say your mobile phone – FastCall does not route those inbound calls. Makes sense right? See below for more info on caller ID.

2) User Phones Used only for click-to-call or to receive and inbound call. For click-to-call (C2C), FastCall calls the user on this phone first, then calls the Salesforce record. All C2C apps work this way. A user phone can also receive an inbound call if a Twilio number is assigned. See # 3. User phones are your user’s real phones such as the office phone, mobile, conference room.

We also give you the ability to limit the phones that your users see (mobile, office, softphone) so this would help if you always want to use the softphone for example.

pick your phones

3) Inbound Phones These are Twilio phone numbers provisioned by FastCall used for inbound call routing. Once the admin provisions the number, the user sets up her own inbound call routing options in the FastCall User Tab. This part is tricky. The admin must provision the number, then the user must setup the number. A Twilio phone number can be used as Caller ID.

4) Inbound Call Distribution In the FastCall Sales+ Edition inbound phone numbers can be setup to rotate between users (auto call distribution or ACD). Cool !


BONUS: More info on caller ID

If a caller ID is added by the admin in the FC Admin Tab / Phones – the User caller ID is the default. This is new as of V 2.15. You can delete caller ID and re-add it if you want to redo the setup. If you delete a caller ID it is not deleted in Twilio; you do not need to receive another verification call.  But we do recreate the phone number record in the backend.