FastCall has an advanced feature that we call BeLocal. We assign a caller ID based on the area code of the number dialed. The local caller ID on the outbound call can lift answer rates 10-20%. Typically used when calling SMBs or consumers, BeLocal can be a valuable addition to your phone sales tool box.

BeLocal is best when you are assigning 50-100 local caller IDs; FastCall will automatically use the local area code if there is a match. If there is not an area code match, we use the default caller ID. With BeLocal the returned call to the caller ID can only be routed via FastCall ACD (call distribution.).  The FastCall ACD will route inbound calls to all logged-in and available users.

An alternative is to assign a few personal phone numbers to your users to be used as both caller ID and personal inbound routing. For example: London Office, Paris, San Francisco. In this case, returned calls are routed to the user only.

Both options can give you the local caller ID. BeLocal does the assignment automatically and controls inbound call routing. Personal caller IDs allows the user to chose when she wants to changes the caller ID and inbound calls come back to the user only.

BeLocal will only match the area code exactly. We are adding the ability to match by state, region or country code.

NOTE. Phone numbers used as caller ID are provisioned from Twilio inside the FastCall app. See here for more details.