These are advanced settings. Required only if you have a custom visualforce page that you wish to pop with an inbound call.

For an advanced setup, you can customize the Salesforce softphone with your search preferences.

In the Salesforce Setup menu, search for Call Center, then Softphone layouts. You may need to create a new layout (name it Fastall.) Page will look like this:

Then you need to edit settings under CTI 2.0:

  • Screen pop to a new browser tab
  • No matching records pick a setting
  • Single matching record pop a detail page
  • Multiple matching pop a search page – this is your custom visualforce page

NOTE: When the inbound call is matched by caller ID, the detail record will pop in a new tab using your visualforce page. The call will be logged in the tab you are working in. You may need to update your pop-up blocker to allow the page.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: FastCall will only ring the softphone and pop the matching record if you are logged into Salesforce and on a page containing the call center file (widget.) For example, if you are reading a report (a page with no FastCall widget) the softphone will not ring in Salesforce. If you want to use the softphone only and inbound call routing, you will need to keep a Salesforce tab open at all times. FastCall has a “simulring” option where more than one phone rings at a time. This allows you to ring the softphone and your mobile, for example. You will answer the call in the most convenient phone. Simulring will give you notification outside Salesforce. With simulring, first to answer gets the call.

LAST: FastCall does not recommend Firefox for inbound calls using the softphone. Firefox will ask for permission to use your microphone with every inbound call. This is a Firefox restriction, not FastCall. Chrome does not have this issue.