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FastCall gives a few options for phones in our app. To start, FastCall admins will choose which phones will be available to the end user. Phones are selected under Outbound Calls, then Call Initiation. Once phones are assigned by the admin, user select the phone in the FastCall widget. For example, if multiple phones are added for different rooms, the user selects these under settings in the widget (the gear icon.) Phones and caller ID selections are in drop down menus.

Phone options include:

  • Call Logger – logs and scores calls, but does not dial. Used for testing or when users want to log a call but dial outside FastCall.
  • Click to Call office – uses an existing office phone and dials the user on the direct dial phone number.
  • Click to Call mobile – dials a user’s mobile phone then the Salesforce record. Note: FastCall does not recommend a mobile phone as the sole calling device.
  • Click to Call SIP – an upgrade in the Sales+ Edition that dials the user directly on a SIP address.
  • Softphone – uses a high quality headset and wired internet to complete calls in your browser. Check here for important tips on the FastCall softphone.
  • Dial from widget adds a keypad to FastCall to dial free form numbers.

Phones and Caller IDs are selected in the FastCall widget.

Phones and Caller IDs are selected in the FastCall widget.

The softphone and SIP phone is $.01 per minute less with Twilio and tends to be faster than click-to-call. Like the softphone, FastCall dials the user on the SIP phone directly. A SIP phone can be added as a user phone.

We have an option that is a call logger; this does not dial, just logs and scores the call.

FastCall Call Logger

User Phones are added by users under the FastCall User Settings, or the admin can add phones for her users.

FastCall Calling Devices


NOTE: SIP phone is a great option but must be setup by your internal IT team. This is one FastCall feature that is not simple to setup.



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