FastCall Outbound Dialing

With over 70+ five star reviews, FastCall is now the highest rated Salesforce-native phone app in the Salesforce AppExchange.

As a native application in Salesforce, FastCall creates a task for each call without using the Salesforce API. Only a native app can create a Task in real-time without using the API. FastCall dials your Salesforce list – moving from record to record – saving hours vs dialing by hand. Record calls, listen-in, drop voicemail messages, local caller ID. The efficiency and ease of use is immediately clear.

  • Your users save hours each month as FastCall optimizes your workflow by creating a Task in fewer clicks and – most importantly – with 100% consistency.
  • FastCall is simple for the employee on the phone, while providing critical reporting to sales management.
  • Users will not lose valuable time dialing by hand then entering data on each call. Data entry that inevitably leads to poor data quality.
  • Your team saves hours in lost productivity.
  • Salesforce admins love that FastCall is simple and lightweight. Easy to install and support.

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Capability in the Base FastCall Edition

With FastCall outbound dialing, your calls and logged and scored in Salesforce. FastCall keeps a list of recent outbound (and inbound) calls in the Salesforce-native, Open CTI component.

Advantages of FastCall outbound dialing:

  • Outbound calls are placed using the FastCall softphone, your existing office phone, or a mobile. SIP phone is an option in the FastCall Sales+ Edition
  • Caller ID can be controlled on your calls, so inbound calls can be routed directly to the users. In the Sales+ Edition inbound calls can be routed to a group of users.
  • Salesforce native reports easily surface every call dialed
  • Outbound calls can be recorded with an optional disclosure

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Sales+ Edition Upgrades

  • The FastCall Voicemail drop is an awesome productivtly tool. Record crisp outbound messages to be dropped on your outbound calls. Messages can be assigned to one user or a group of users.
  • Dial by list is a great option, either used with voicemail drop, or on its own. Move from record to record down a Salesforce list view.
  • BeLocal is an advanced FaastCall feature that uses a local caller ID on your outbound calls. We match the area code of the caller ID with the area code on the Salesforce record.
  • In the FastCall Sales+ Edtion you can add a call transfer option. Calls are warm transferred with an introduction, or cold transferred.
  • Live “listen in” of an active call allows manager to join an active call on mute.

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