Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

FastCall IVRs have four possible actions:

  • Play directory
  • Call transfer
  • Menu
  • Queue

IVRs are assigned to phone number much like the FastCall ACD. Each IVR has an introductory greeting “Hello this is Harry’s Hats….”

The IVRs are created first, then assigned to a phone number.

Play directory

  • Loop times – how many times should the menu repeat
  • Wait time – how long to wait for user input
  • Scope – read only users in a group or all users (org wide)
  • Note: User names are taken from FastCall user settings. Each user can record her name

Call transfer

  • No answer IVR defines steps when transferred call is not answered
  • Scope – calls can be transferred to single user, group or all users (org wide)
  • Call recording


  • Menus nest other IVRs
  • Example: Press 1 to hear a directory, Press 2 to transfer
  • Note: the child IVRs must be created first


  • Transfers a call to a queue (beta)

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