Every missed sales call is a missed opportunity

Responding to inbound leads is the fastest way to lift sales. It’s an easy win. For personal inbound call routing, FastCall allows each user to have one inbound phone number. This number can be used as caller ID and, of course, receive inbound calls to the FastCall softphone, to a user’s office phone and/or a user’s mobile phone. FastCall inbound supports overflow and simulring. Overflow dials one phone then the next (for example, dials the softphone then the user’s mobile.) Simulring dials two phones at the same time; first to answer gets the call. You can record calls with an optional disclosure and setup personal voicemail to be logged on the Salesforce Task record. Inbound calls pop in Salesforce.

NOTE: basic inbound call routing is available in our Sales Edition; the Sales+ Edition adds advanced inbound capabilities.

Inbound call routing

  • Inbound calls are routed directly to sales (you can avoid the main company IVR on inbound sales calls)
  • Receive calls on FastCall softphone, mobile or office phone
  • Inbound call overflow (rollover) to user’s mobile phone, office or call center
  • Simulring dials two phones at once
  • Salesforce native reports of calls received, answered and missed
  • Voicemail reported in Salesforce for easy follow-up
  • Inbound calls “pop” in Salesforce for immediate response
  • Inbound calls can be recorded with an optional disclosure
  • Missed call notification
  • Routing round robin to next available user or simulring to all users*


Coming soon…

  • Routing by office, or team*
  • Time-based routing*
  • Call routing to lead owner*

* Upgrades in the Sales+ Edition.


In order to route inbound calls with FastCall, your phone numbers must be controlled by Twilio. You will need to provision net new numbers with Twilio, or port your existing numbers to Twilio.

If adding new numbers, the phone numbers must be provisioned by FastCall to use the number in FastCall. If you have existing numbers in Twilio you will need to ask Twilio to move these numbers to the FastCall subaccount.


Read our FAQ for a comprehensive list of Inbound features and benefits
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  • Installation Guide

    FastCall applications are installed via Salesforce AppExchange either in your production account or sandbox. Installation takes only a few minutes and FastCall applications are very easy to trial. We provide all the steps needed to configure your Salesforce org and start making calls.
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  • User’s Guide

    Consult our user’s guide for step-by-step directions on FastCall Click-to-Call. The application is easy to use and setup. And we are standing by to help with any questions.
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  • FAQ

    Which of my phones can I use to place calls? Which browsers are supported? What is required to use the softphone? Find out the answer to these and other frequent questions in our FAQ.
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