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FastCall gives intelligent insights on how our sales team is doing on prospecting and following up on the phone. We love the way it integrates with Salesforce.

Khuram Hussain
Khuram Hussain

The perfect solution for automatic call logging

FastCall makes it extremely easy to one-click dial my contacts from within the environment. It
also saves me time by automatically logging my calls as activities. No longer do I have to waste time with
data entry – FastCall does all of the logging for me. Highly recommended!

Chris Ricciuti
Chris Ricciuti

Dramatic improvement to our call productivity

We use this app for all of our outbound calling. It makes our sales team more effective, often logging over 200 calls per day. It is simple to use with 1 click calling. The auto-logging feature is a time saver. It allows us to better follow up with leads and report on our sales productivity. Using FastCall is a no-brainer.

Chris Lubkert
Chris Lubkert

Perfect for our inside sales team

Our sales team makes a lot of calls to new users that sign up on the site (and get dropped into Salesforce), and it’s always been painful and slow to log each call manually with multiple clicks. Our guys were making 60+ calls every day after all! FastCall was a no-brainer for us. It allows us to make more calls each day (we’re up to 90+ per day now), and my team doesn’t have to waste time entering in phone numbers and manually logging calls. Great tool.

Tony Cappaert
Tony Cappaert

A Native Salesforce Dialer

FastCall Click-to-Call is our Salesforce-native dialer. With FastCall, your Salesforce users will easily make “one click” outbound phone calls from a Lead, Contact, Account, Task or any Salesforce object with a phone number field. FastCall logs each phone call as a Task in Salesforce. The date, time, duration and call result are reported using native Salesforce reports and dashboards. The application has a free version and paid upgrades. Available in the AppExchange.

Ready to upgrade? Advanced features such as automated answering machine drop, call recording and local calling area codes are available as paid upgrades for the efficient sales and marketing professional.


FastCall pricing is per user / month and paid via the AppExchange. There is a free basic version. Paid upgrades include a “Training Version” ($9.99) and a “Sales Version” ($19.99). The paid versions also combine with FastCall Inbound Call Routing.
You install FastCall Click-to-Call in your Salesforce account. The app is very easy to test.
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  • Installation Guide

    FastCall applications are installed via Salesforce AppExchange either in your production account or sandbox. Installation takes only a few minutes and FastCall applications are very easy to trial. We provide all the steps needed to configure your Salesforce org and start making calls.
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  • User’s Guide

    Consult our user’s guide for step-by-step directions on FastCall Click-to-Call. The application is easy to use and setup. And we are standing by to help with any questions.
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  • FAQ

    Which of my phones can I use to place calls? Which browsers are supported? What is required to use the softphone? Find out the answer to these and other frequent questions in our FAQ.
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