Fantastic Tool

FastCall has helped our sales team easily track activities and goals, simplified the process of logging calls and reporting key statistics. The integration with SalesForce is seamless. Lots of value for the price, highly recommended to anyone looking to boost their sales productivity.

Jagdeep Mavi

Toronto Ontario Canada

The Ultimate Solution

You can search, search and search again and will not find another solution like Fast Call. It Works!!!

Bruno Lube

Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil


Out of all the apps we use this is by far the most used company wide. It’s invaluable and the support is second to none.

Steve Cairney

London, UK

Simple, robust and easy to use

I was really amazed about the features and the rich functionality out of the box after i installed FastCall. The Twilio integration is awesome, it works around the world, you build a CRM integrated call center in some hours instead of investing 100.000s into legacy PBX systems. I see a bright future for Fastcall and i am excited about every little feature on the roadmap.

Joachim Rahlf

Hamburg, Germany

Changed our business

Fastcall has really been the call logging integration that we’ve been looking for in our business for the last couple of years. It integrates great with Salesforce and allows us to really hold our salespeople accountable to the goals we set with them. Would recommend it for anyone.

Matt Zerker

Toronto, Canada

Great productivity app with exceptional customer service

We have been using FastCall Sales Edition, along with the Twilio integration, and we love it. The app is easy to use and saves a lot of time logging calls. It is a cheaper alternative to other phone systems with all the same functionality. The service has been excellent, as well. Support responds almost immediately with answers to any questions we have. Highly recommend.

Rob Malnati

Portland, Oregon


It’s an excellent app. I installed it for our staff and ended up using it myself. It is far easier and faster than dialing by phone. Love it

Denis Oakley

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Great App AMAZING customer service

I am currently using Fastcall in Sales Agent Console. The click-to-dial and quick disposition tool are huge time savers. The app is very robust and enables you to record your calls, choose your caller ID, click-to-dial, and easily disposition your calls among many other great features.

Joseph Kennedy

San Diego, CA

Top notch support with all the quality of the big guys

Our business relies on FastCall so we can not afford hiccups. Their support is almost instantaneous and always thorough. The solution is always “up” and they seem to have updates with new features every other week. We get the stats we need and our reps are able to efficiently make calls and enter notes more conveniently and quickly than through traditional means. This allows them to make more calls, thus generating more leads and more revenue for the company.

Adam Backman

Houston, Texas

I have been looking for an app like this for a long time!

My sales team is selling more because FastCall saves them hours of time each week. FastCall was one of the easiest applications to set-up and use in Salesforce. I was searching for an application that allowed my sales team to be focus on selling, not data entry in Salesforce while still retaining the information I needed to track. Within one widget it allows my team to log and scores calls and take notes. The softphone is also a great option as my team travels a lot and it allows them to work anywhere. I did extensive research and FastCall is the only Salesforce native phone application.

Timothy Ericson

Boston, MA

Fice Stars Support

I contacted the support team to assist me to configure and test Fastcall, i can said that they were very reactive and they gives me great assistance. Thks guys ;) I find FastCall very interesting.

Driss Lahrichi