Every business executive today has at least one smartphone. But how smart is the business phone on the desk?

FastCall is the first Salesforce-native smart softphone. With FastCall, every inbound and outbound phone call is logged in Salesforce for tight integration with vital sales and marketing information.FastCall subscribers log each phone interaction in Salesforce; adding efficiency to inbound and outbound phone calls. We call our applications “smart softphones” because FastCall takes all the great information you collect with every customer phone call and we integrate it natively in Salesforce. Your inbound and outbound phone calls are logged as Tasks, along with your customer emails, meetings and other activities. With FastCall, you have a true 360 degree view of all communication with your contacts.
“FastCall provides the technology platform to effectively reach our buying decision makers quickly” - Director of Sales, Local.com

Salesforce Native Running of the Force Platform

With more than 140,000 customers, Salesforce.com is the leading enterprise cloud computing company. Salesforce users manage every aspect of their client and prospect relationships within Salesforce. Salesforce users create Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and log related Activities. With FastCall, Salesforce users deeply integrate their phone communication with a softphone running on the Force.com platform.FastCall is a Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor.) The Salesforce native status of our applications provides a deeper level of integration with Salesforce. We also only develop on Force.com, so we are 100% focused on Salesforce. FastCall applications are installed via the Salesforce AppExchange either in your production account or sandbox. Installation takes on a few minutes and FastCall applications are very easy to trial.

The Smart Solution

Unlike today’s “not so smart” business phone, FastCall provides powerful notification when an important contact calls by phone. Inbound calls are “popped” in Salesforce with a link to the lead or contact record. FastCall routes inbound calls to a user’s office phone, mobile phone – or can roll-over from phone to phone to ensure reliable and timely contact with our user’s important business contacts. FastCall provides deep notification options including a text message when a call is missed with the details of the contact from Salesforce. “With FastCall, you will never let an important phone call from a client or prospect go cold” says FastCall founder Richard Rosen.Outbound calls are completed from a Lead, Contact, Account, Task – any Salesforce object with a phone number using our OpenCTI click-to-call application. FastCall logs each phone call as a Task in Salesforce. The date, time, duration and call dispositions are logged. Advanced features such as call recording, automated answering machine drop, and local calling area codes are available for the efficient sales and marketing professional.Marketing professionals love FastCall because all phone calls and dispositions are scored using FastCall’s call scoring algorithm. This powerful phone call scoring either complements existing scoring from Marketo, Eloqua and others, or stands on its own.Phone calls can also be automated and “triggered” from various events, such as the receipt of a web lead form.