I have received a few questions on call duration and thought I’d post on it. The FastCall widget has a timer in the upper right corner. The timer starts when you click the phone number. In “call logger” mode this value is used for call duration. The timer stops when a call result is set. In call logger mode, this is not the connected call duration, it is the time between the first phone number click and the call result set (call ended.) Because we are not dialing the call in logger mode, we do not have the connected call duration. duration When dialing with Twilio call duration is taken from Twilio after the call ends. We use the duration of the far leg of the call (the call to the SFDC record.) The timer may still advance in the FastCall widget. However, once the call is ended by Twilio your call duration stops and is set on Task. Duration is given in seconds as a number and in minutes as text. Both can be used for recording – pick if you’d rather have seconds or minutes, or both. If you want to run a summary report with duration, you need to use seconds, because the field is a number. duration2 NOTE: A call will end if either party hangs up. However, FastCall can only set the call result if chosen by the user. FastCall was designed to end a call by using the Call Result dropdown. Calls ended by hanging up will have a closed task w duration, but no call result. Our application expects the Task to be closed by FastCall so that the duration can be set. If the task is prevented from closing duration may not be captured from Twilio.